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—and all this so that a peasant can say to-day to the traveller: Monsieur, give me three francs, and if you like, I will explain to you the affair of Waterloo!

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(I am tempted to post this one on AO3, actually, now that meta is apparently ok there, but I'm torn -- I'm not sure whether people actually want AO3 to be a meta archive.)
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Ugh, I have fallen down on crossposting. (I suspect I really only have time to manage presence on one platform. This is...not optimal.)

Here are a collection of live!brick reaction posts, mostly for archival purposes, because (1) oh Tumblr, and (2) I suspect anyone reading me on Les Misérables over here has already read this on Tumblr anyway. (But if anyone is interested enough to want to respond, please do!)

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A Selected List of Topics Upon Which Hugo and I Have Decided Differences of Opinion )

Live!bricking WITH A VENGEANCE, or, thoughts on Argot )

link to more discussion.
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Alternate post title: well, that made for an argumentative plane ride.

I have actually been hugely enjoying the infamous digressions, after setting aside a certain allowance for the rolling of eyes. One of the side benefits of reading La Brique electronically is that I feel blissfully at liberty to scribble mad quantities of notes and arguments in the margins. Well, the last couple of chapters I have stopped to comment on every paragraph, because these are the chapters where Hugo decides to go into great detail about how atheism destroys society.

For now I have to go be productive and stuff, so I leave you with two thoughts.

  • Dear Hugo,

    Your "proof" of the existence of a divine essence is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of the mathematical concept of infinity.

    Very nettled love,

  • "To place the infinity here below in contact, by the medium of thought, with the infinity on high, is called praying." (Vol II, Bk 7, Ch V.)

    Not so, sir! It’s called science.

(General book logging as well as a post on Waterloo: coming when things calm down a bit I swear no really)
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I need a Les Miserables icon. Sadly none of the famous 1860s art features Combeferre.

(I have, however, found this screamer, courtesy Pont Au Change, which is apparently supposed to be Enjolras:
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You guys, I have just spent 113 pages hanging out with an elderly bishop and his household, an ex-convict, and a very opinionated author, and I am having the time of my life. I love this book.

The Bishop of Digne, it turns out, is based on a real person )

The moment when I knew I would love this book, as opposed to simply finding it highly entertaining, came when our friend the Bishop goes to visit the dying conventionary, and his priestly hackles rise like those of a much pettier man, and the tension comes to a head when the Bishop drops to a seat and demands an accounting.

there's a bit of stuff about atheism here, but not very much, because I need to go to bed )


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