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So this year I actually wrote something for Yuletide! I was trawling Dear Yuletide Writer letters, as I do wistfully every year with varying degrees of intent, and I came across [personal profile] shati's prompt,

Farfetched, but if you offered both Capital Scandal and Sungkyunkwan Scandal and feel like writing Cha Song Joo and Gu Yong Ha hanging out and people-watching together, I would not expect you to justify the crossover at all. AT ALL.

Naturally, because I'm incapable of actually writing to prompts, I immediatedly started to wonder, how would you justify that crossover? Then Cha Song Joo and Gu Yong Ha started talking to each other, and then it was all over, and I was doomed to writing Step by step on the flowers placed before you. It also spawned a Yong Ha-and-Jae Shin coda, because I can never resist writing double-layered conversations when I get a chance to, After and Before. (Actually, this was also supposed to have a brief Cha Song Joo-and-Cho Seon coda as well, which would even make the title meaningful instead of "oh look I was pulled out of a hat at the last minute", but I completely ran out of time as you can totally tell. Oh well!)

[personal profile] innerbrat was remarkably cheerful about being contacted out of the blue by a stranger on Christmas Eve to rush-beta an unfinished fic: thank you very much again!

Since I know most of the people on my flist aren't familiar with either fandom, I recommend them both! )
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Last year I hurriedly posted some recs just before reveal and called them the brief and crazed edition. Well, this year I've read an even smaller fraction of the archive and am feeling even more crazed (I notice a trend), but three awesome stories make a post, right?

  • Outdwelling (Duane's Door Into aka Tale of the Five series) is about Hasai, it's from his point of view, and it moves through time and memory as freely and as changingly as sunlight through water. It's beautifully written, and makes magnificent use of the draconic sense of time.

  • The Young Chants (Chrestomanci) is a lovely series of character studies as Christopher grows up and adds people to his family, one at a time. The characterization is keenly and subtly observed and, as is perfectly in keeping with canon, occasionally veers into the hysterically funny. (Tell me you don't love the bit where Chrestomanci is called away complete with fussy baby, and I will refuse to believe you're completely human.)

  • Couldn't Drag Me Away (Sungkyunkwan Scandal) takes on Yong Ha and Jae Shin's first meeting, with an absolutely fantastic Yong Ha voice, and some brilliantly in-character cleverness.

Please tell me about your favorites!


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