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Last year I hurriedly posted some recs just before reveal and called them the brief and crazed edition. Well, this year I've read an even smaller fraction of the archive and am feeling even more crazed (I notice a trend), but three awesome stories make a post, right?

  • Outdwelling (Duane's Door Into aka Tale of the Five series) is about Hasai, it's from his point of view, and it moves through time and memory as freely and as changingly as sunlight through water. It's beautifully written, and makes magnificent use of the draconic sense of time.

  • The Young Chants (Chrestomanci) is a lovely series of character studies as Christopher grows up and adds people to his family, one at a time. The characterization is keenly and subtly observed and, as is perfectly in keeping with canon, occasionally veers into the hysterically funny. (Tell me you don't love the bit where Chrestomanci is called away complete with fussy baby, and I will refuse to believe you're completely human.)

  • Couldn't Drag Me Away (Sungkyunkwan Scandal) takes on Yong Ha and Jae Shin's first meeting, with an absolutely fantastic Yong Ha voice, and some brilliantly in-character cleverness.

Please tell me about your favorites!
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Hi flist!

Am not dead! (only insanely head-twistingly busy offline, I'm sure you all know the drill)

Anyway I have been drifting in and out of Yuletide, and I have found three beautiful things:

A clear glass window, at a sea dawn, for Bujold's Chalion universe. This is about Umegat, and about history still trying to go right, and it is beautiful and surehanded; I cannot recommend it enough. This is a story about being middle-aged, gay, and Roknari, in a court dominated by young, straight Chalionese, and at the same time it isn't anywhere near that simple; it is about doing what is right, and it is about joy, and about faith in people as well as gods. The writing is beautiful and the characterization fantastic. Strongly recommended.

Reemergence, about Mary Innes (of Miss Pym Disposes, by Josephine Tey), dealing with her career, her knowledge, and her second-hand guilt, afterward. It's complex and painful and many-layered, and the author's portrait of both Innes and Nash is surehanded and subtle.

Five Nail Polishes. The fandom is: nail polishes. No, I don't know either, but it's well worth the click to read this set of drabbles. There's one apiece for five different colors of nail polish, and they are sharp-edged, dense, and sparkling, like tiny gems.


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