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Because the Korean AU wasn't obscure enough the first time around, have some more.

Title: The veins of a leaf (1651 words)
Summary: Grantaire, having made a choice, has to keep making it. Set in Gwangju, South Korea, in 1978.

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Title: Not a tree, and not grass either

Summary: Variation on a theme by Hugo: Enjolras and Grantaire have a contentious conversation about the legwork that goes into a revolution. Set in the run up to the April Revolution (Seoul, 1960), and genderbent, because. 1725 words. Thanks to [personal profile] skygiants for the beta!

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I feel like it's especially important to say for this one: any and all comments, corrections, and criticism are welcomed.
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Fun facts: (1) "Combeferre" apparently gets transliterated into Japanese as "konbu ferre", which in turn Google translates to English as "kelp fail" (h/t sclez) and (2) kelp was an important historical source of sodium carbonate. This explains everything, except why I somehow took this as a fic promt, for which you probably have to blame my extreme sleep deprivation at the time.

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Also here on AO3. Sorry for the Les Mis spam, everyone.
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Attention conservation notice: this showed up on Tumblr already. Absolute and utter crack, also Hugo pastiche flash-fic. My apologies to the Quartier de Picpus, though as one folk etymology of the name is pique-puce (flea-bite) I feel octopi are an improvement.

A snippet that Hugo’s editor didn’t make him cut from the convent chapters

Concerning the origin of the name «the Petit Picpus» )


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