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The thing about Wagner's Ring is that it is horrifically addictive. Listen to one of the operas once, and you'll have trouble getting your head out of all of them for the next week, or at least, I do. I started writing this after I watched the HD broadcast of the Met's Ring operas a couple of years ago, and (true to form) it stalled at 85% done. Recently I was rashly listening to the audio of that performance, and instead of following that up by playing every creditable performance of every opera in the cycle over and over and over again, I decided to shove this off my hard drive and out of my brain so I could get back to work. (Rose, if you're reading, I know it could have benefited from a beta! But I wanted to get it off my plate so I could be undistracted by it!)

So, fic! It is awfully febrile but it is Ring fic, so. Also, it is inevitably Sieglinde/Siegmund, so uh fair warning.

Title: Fimbulwinter
Characters: Sieglinde, mostly, with Freyja, Hel, and Siegmund
Summary: Things to do on Yggdrasil when you're dead; or, Sieglinde, too, has a chance to choose her afterlife.
Word Count: 3875

Bonus supporting material (also known as: canon): Some of the most well-sung Walsungs I have ever heard (oh right and some gods too).
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So this year I actually wrote something for Yuletide! I was trawling Dear Yuletide Writer letters, as I do wistfully every year with varying degrees of intent, and I came across [personal profile] shati's prompt,

Farfetched, but if you offered both Capital Scandal and Sungkyunkwan Scandal and feel like writing Cha Song Joo and Gu Yong Ha hanging out and people-watching together, I would not expect you to justify the crossover at all. AT ALL.

Naturally, because I'm incapable of actually writing to prompts, I immediatedly started to wonder, how would you justify that crossover? Then Cha Song Joo and Gu Yong Ha started talking to each other, and then it was all over, and I was doomed to writing Step by step on the flowers placed before you. It also spawned a Yong Ha-and-Jae Shin coda, because I can never resist writing double-layered conversations when I get a chance to, After and Before. (Actually, this was also supposed to have a brief Cha Song Joo-and-Cho Seon coda as well, which would even make the title meaningful instead of "oh look I was pulled out of a hat at the last minute", but I completely ran out of time as you can totally tell. Oh well!)

[personal profile] innerbrat was remarkably cheerful about being contacted out of the blue by a stranger on Christmas Eve to rush-beta an unfinished fic: thank you very much again!

Since I know most of the people on my flist aren't familiar with either fandom, I recommend them both! )
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Title: A Far and Sere Elysium
Rating: PG
Word count: 2400
Summary: A soldier and a dock worker walk into a bar...
Notes: Originally started for [profile] springkink, and first version posted here, though the plot and characters ran away with me completely, leaving the kink far behind, together with most of my sanity. Yes, there's more. Yes, I'm working on it. No, don't expect it to come on any kind of regular schedule (sorry).

Bay 32 West X430-B had four gas-exchange valve locks, two electrical interchanges, six fluid pumps, and a cute structural vulnerability in its outer piping. I'd gone over the blueprints. I was pretty sure I'd know where to aim in an emergency. )
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The things one finds in one's folders.

Wrestling with the SRS BZNS of the azkafic made my brain rebel from time to time. This is the result. It is very silly. )
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Still rescuing things out of my fannish document folder. This is actually the first fic I ever started, if you don't count the Classic Who fics I was writing in my Trapper Keeper in fourth grade, and the first time in several years I'd tried to write fiction.

I'm not sure what this says about me.

Title: The Sky in Winter
Characters: Sirius Black
Rating: PG
Summary: Sirius goes to jail. He does not pass go.
Words: 1880
Notes: Thanks (years ago now ack) to [personal profile] athenejen for helping me remember how to write.

The door slammed behind him with a crash that rang around the narrow walls of the cell. )
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unilaterally declared, and possibly the first of many.

I do like pulling the rug out from under Ivan's feet (not to mention the narrative's), but Ivan's extreme heterosexuality is hard to ignore )

Also, since I'm Vorkosiganing, have some recs:

Gregor and Ivan deal with the fallout of a unusual Cetagandan bioweapon. I laughed, I cried, I appreciated the take on trans (Donna-Dono I am looking at you).

On the off chance you pay attention to my journal and haven't already seen this, [personal profile] philomytha posted a masterwork: Illyan's POV through Shards. All of the backstory and character development Cordelia wasn't in a position to appreciate, and more. Go, read, love: Aral Vorkosigan's Dog.

While you're there, read [personal profile] philomytha's Yuletide fic about how Byerly came to work for ImpSec. A fantastic and very plausible look at what was going on while Miles was busy hiding under floors.


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