Oct. 31st, 2013

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The thing about Wagner's Ring is that it is horrifically addictive. Listen to one of the operas once, and you'll have trouble getting your head out of all of them for the next week, or at least, I do. I started writing this after I watched the HD broadcast of the Met's Ring operas a couple of years ago, and (true to form) it stalled at 85% done. Recently I was rashly listening to the audio of that performance, and instead of following that up by playing every creditable performance of every opera in the cycle over and over and over again, I decided to shove this off my hard drive and out of my brain so I could get back to work. (Rose, if you're reading, I know it could have benefited from a beta! But I wanted to get it off my plate so I could be undistracted by it!)

So, fic! It is awfully febrile but it is Ring fic, so. Also, it is inevitably Sieglinde/Siegmund, so uh fair warning.

Title: Fimbulwinter
Characters: Sieglinde, mostly, with Freyja, Hel, and Siegmund
Summary: Things to do on Yggdrasil when you're dead; or, Sieglinde, too, has a chance to choose her afterlife.
Word Count: 3875

Bonus supporting material (also known as: canon): Some of the most well-sung Walsungs I have ever heard (oh right and some gods too).


elsane: clouds, brilliance, and the illusion of wings. (Default)

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