Mar. 25th, 2013

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So! I have discovered what that meme is good for.

Who wants to write me the utterly fantastic AU where Les Amis are azi and plot to overthrow the oligarchic Union government? Just imagine: armies of cloned Enjolrai rediscovering revolutionary imperatives in logical and utterly ruthless azi style. And the dry faux-lab notes about how the AEX type typically does better when paired with a ACBFX type, and the sudden belated discovery of danger when they are placed on work detail with a BCFR...

If that doesn't float your boat, how about Azula palling around with Sachiko (and with her ulterior motives), manipulating circles around her, and convincing Sachiko that Sachiko can set things on fire by snapping her fingers? Or Cho Seon trying to throw Azula out of Morangak and not get fried, or turned in to the King, in the process?

Or Tenpou talking philosophy and cheap opera with Combeferre and getting him accidentally stoned into the bargain?

Or Yong Ha and Simon Illyan trying to out-twisty each other on a poorly lit street in the back alleys of Joseon?


(What do you mean you have your own writing commitments? What do you mean I should write them myself? Nuts.)


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