Mar. 31st, 2014 09:41 pm
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I spent spring break gibbering, sleeping in the name of great white blood cell justice, and mainlining Martha Wells' Raksura books.

I have so very much work to do it is not even funny, my friends, but that is situation normal for me so let's go on and talk about the Raksura, who are delightful, them and Our Hero Moon and the sheer unfolding inventiveness of the world they inhabit. I find myself in the awkward spot of wanting to roll around in all the meta but where I have nothing much concrete to contribute myself, necessarily. So I will say:

1) isn't it interesting how many ruins there are? Clearly the predator-weighted nature of the ecosystem is taking a toll. This is really chilling when you come down to it.

1A) I would like all the universities plz and thanks /writes academic!future fic

2) I know there are not too many shades of grey in these books but actually I really liked that. The fell are creepy, the half-breeds are a difficult choice, the response of traumatized societies are not always positive. I am mildly amazed at how Moon is believably both super-ok on the morality axis and entirely messed up on the interpersonal relationship axis; that balance takes skill.

3) talk to me about Raksura, flist? I had so much fun with these.
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