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Archival footage of the April revolution, excerpted from a documentary.

Oh hell, I wish I understood Korean. I have a feeling this is going to be a theme; it's very hard to find primary sources that have been translated to English.

(LOOK THERE IS MY ENJOLRAS. I was watching carefully to see if there was any female participation, at all, and I just about fell out of my chair when I saw her, watch and you'll see why! Now, of course, I want to know all about that amazing person in real life :( You can see later, too, a woman in Yeo Kyeong-esque hanbok marching in a line of besuited students. Further on, there's a whole group of women marching, but without understanding the commentary I don't know who they are - students or workers or otherwise.

And Rhee goes to visit the wounded protestors in the hospital -- hahaha wow that would have been a tense scene.)

An article focused on Shin Kyong-Nim, about dissident poets and the impact of politics following the April revolution, including several politically-themed poems.

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Oh my gosh, there she is! *____*


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